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Clicker's Digest is IT at Prado, Bahia, Brazil !

We started (1998) trying to overcoming the technological backwardness that had the computer market in Brazil, guiding the creation of short courses and workshops in the Baixada Fluminense in Rio de Janeiro. There was a lack of equipment and programs, and a demand for operating system and especially the word processing programs, spreadsheets, and as it remains today, a small portion of the database. The main guideline was to enable the largest possible number of users and passionate about the work with microcomputers, which still remains as a goal. Was a huge process, leading above all a sense of confidence at work and in the relationship with customers. Since 2002 began the cultivation and distribution of Neem (Azadirachta Indica), ally in combating desertification of vast areas in Brazil and worldwide. Through e-bay and MercadoLibre, with the "ID" CDIGEST, thousands of trees have been planted since then, always making people happier in a more protected environment :)


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